Teach your  children  to post   to traffic  rules

    • You shoulol pay more attention  to  the  follonings:     O Before  going  out,  don’t hurry,  look  around  attentiroly  First look  right, then  left.Expllan all  these  formula  to  children  and they  chouol  keep  these  rules.
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  Streng  then  sever  habit  to shool pupils

1.Morning breakfast.

Most pupils  prefer  to  sleep  than have  breakfast.  Then  they  eat  sweet,  bacans,  humburgers  and  don’t know  that  these foods  are: unhealthy  for their   health. Teach  your  children  not to  avoid from  breakfast. It would be  better  if you  prepare  frurt porridige. These  porridges  give  energy  and makes  digest well.      load the continution

Twelve  rules  for  children  to  think  right.

    1. It is harm- Becauuse  I said it ! It is  useful – I know.
    2. It is harm-Don`t ery  !It  is useful – Inould  be sad if  I  were you
    3. It is harm –If you don`t eat you dish you wil be little. It is useful –if you eat your meal you book lila your dad.               load the continution

Phsychologists don’t advice for mothers not to tell about their children at work.

Isit true to tell about your children to your collegues.According to the exsperts the ideos are different:

a)someone thinks that it is not true;

b)someone thinks that it is normal;

c)others think it depends on what parents tell;

Accordings to the phsychologist  Jesika Prays Jons it is not good for parents who makes career to tell about their children.    .load the continution

Parents should know: What you should do if your children behave in a rude manner?

During these periods children behavior change and they treat you in a bad manner .

What is the reason ofit?

You may know about it by our article.

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food-refusing-rex-720x320-1Usual mistakes of parents

Kind parents try to bring-up their children welleducated and intellectual.But during these process parent make mistakes in bringing-up their children.    load the continution