The measures held about mother tongue and literature

The measures held about mother tongue and literature

The measures about 576 anniversary of Alisher Navoi  and 534 anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur.   The measures held 576 anniversary of Alisher Navoi and 534 anniversary of Zahiriddin on February 1-14 , 2017 year .This measure  were organized by deputy of director N.A.Turayeva and literature methodology administratives.

  1. Creative works held “Ajdodlari  ulug’ yurt farzandiman”, “Buyuk daholarimiz- o’lmas siymolarimiz”, “Alisher Navoiy –g’azal mulkining sultoni”, “Bobur- dilbar  shaxs” in February 2, 2017 year. Wall newspaper , booklets, essays competitions held every classes.  Open lessons held between 5-,,A.’’, 6-,,A’’, 6-,,B’’, 7-,,A’’,7-,,B’’,8-,,A’’, 8-,,B’’, 9-,,A’’ classes in this choice and they founded winners. The stage performance devoted  to Alisher Navoi showed between  7-,,A’’,8-,,A’’,9-,,A’’ grades
  2. “The best exemplary lesson” took part in February 2, 2016 year is devoted to Alisher Navoi and Z.M.Babur.  M.Nazarova and R.Mavlyanovas’  open lesson were founded winner.
  1.  “G’azalxon yoshligim” gazelles read with expression and 9a form pupil Jurayev Umar was found in this choice
  2. “The best literature resource “ choice held about Navoi ,Z.M.Babur and  Zulfiya.F.Muzaffarova’s open lesson was found the best litearture resource in “Smart room” in this choice. This lesson was shown by “Uzbekistan” and “Youth” channels.
  3.  5 grade pupils participated in “Buyuk siymolarni yod etib” choice on the district scale.

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