Gofurova Shokhida



I was born on May 4 in 1981 year in Namangan ,Pop town. I studied at school number 50. In 1998 year I finished lyceum named Mirzo Ulugbek. After finishing my school I entered the Uzbek State of World Languages University.

In 2002 year I graduated the university successfully. I began to work at school number 137 in Shayxantaxur region in Tashkent city. In 2010 I worked at lyceum under TARI.

During my working my pupils attended  very active in olympiadas and won. Nowadays I am working at school number 327. I’m teaching English 1-2-3-4-5 –grades. We have free English clubs at school. I have also free English clubs for 3-4-5-classes. My pupils are very interested in learning English. I proud of my profession.

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